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Neuropsych Now is all about the creation, curation, and distribution of content to neuropsychology students and clinicians. This includes articles, applications, spreadsheets, templates…you get the picture.

We work hard to generate as much original content as possible, but can’t, and don’t want, to do it all.[1] That’s why we’re counting on input from those of you reading this site. It’s how we’ll grow in a way unlike any other resource. So, we’re accepting submissions for any information that you think others would benefit from (such as a link or original content).

We can’t/won’t/don’t publish every single thing that we find or that comes our way, though. We do our best to make sure that everything we distribute is of the highest quality possible and is vetted to some degree. Ultimately, we aspire to use the same principles and criteria to vet content as the peer-review process. Not everything will make it up to the World Wide Webs. So, please don’t take it personally if we say “no” to something you submit.

Read on to find out the how and what of content submission to Neuropsych Now.

From You To Us


Interested in contributing to Neuropsych Now? Great! Please send us an email with your content included/attached. Of course, anything sent our way is subject to our review. At the end of the day, Neuropsych Now reserves the right to accept, reject, and/or edit any content submitted for distribution in any form, and anywhere, on the web site or other printed properties owned, edited, distributed, and/or disseminated by Neuropsych Now.

Guess what? Any article or linked content that includes slanderous, libelous, racist or any inappropriate or offensive content will immediately be rejected.

Non-Original Content

Non-Original Content includes links to third-party resources, applications, or to some downloadable file, program, etc. that you did not create yourself and/or own. If your contribution is selected for inclusion on Neuropsych Now, and is of some degree of substance (e.g., more than a single link) we’ll add your name to our list of contributors page!

Original Content

We encourage the submission of original content to be published in our Articles section. Articles should generally be kept to around 500 words. You may submit an article about anything related to the field of neuropsychology that you believe others might find interesting.[2]

If we select your original work for inclusion, we’ll put your name at the header of the article and a short bio at the end. So, if you send us an article, please send a 50-word bio as well. Any longer than 50 words and we will edit it to our liking. Original articles should be in either a common word processor (e.g., .rtf, .doc, .docx) or plain text (e.g., .txt, .md) file type.

Finally, if we select your article for inclusion - here’s the nice part - you keep 100% copyright, ownership, etc., over the content of your article. If your article has already been published somewhere else, please make sure that you have permission to reprint or distribute the article. What do we get? Well, we get a super-interesting, well-written article to push out to the world! Nothing is more rewarding. Nothing work-related, anyways.

From Us to You

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  1. We have day jobs.  ↩

  2. Let’s just agree that the fewer assumptions everyone has to make, the better.  ↩


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