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Neuropsych Now is all about delivering high-quality, easily accessible content to neuropsychology students and clinicians. If you've visited a couple of our pages, then you probably have a sense of what we're talking about.

We work hard to deliver as much original content as possible, but we’re also counting on input from other neuropsychology clinicians and students. Contributions are, we believe, the key to growing into a resource unlike anything ever seen in the field of neuropsychology. So, we’re accepting submissions for articles, scoring spreadsheets, or other, useful resources.

Please first read our Terms & Conditions, where we outline all of the "how" and "why" regarding what we can/can't, will/won't accept as a submission. If you are comfortable with our terms, then please send us an email with your content included/attached.

Past Contributors

Below is a list of people that have contributed their time, resources, and effort to help expand and improve Neuropsych Now.

Help Keep The Lights On

Neuropsych Now is a means to help enhance the practice of neuropsychology, and we hope that it continues to grow over time. If you like what you see, and/or have found value in any of our content and resources, please let us know by making a micro-donation of 9 cents to Neuropsych Now. That’s just 9 pennies, but that amount keeps us running for a day (on average). These small donations will help to ensure the future of this site.

We presently pay for all costs ourselves, and will continue to do so as long as there is a demand. Please know that 100% of each donation is used to offset our operating costs, which are:

  1. Site hosting bandwidth and email at NearlyFreeSpeech.Net - this is where the Neuropsych Now Web site is hosted.
  2. Amazon web services bandwidth - we use Amazon web services as our Content Distribution Network (or CDN) to efficiently serve up media of all types (e.g., images, video).

We sincerely thank everyone for their ongoing support of Neuropsych Now!


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