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Colophon & Attributions

This site was built with the following components:

  • Twitter-Bootstrap is the core site framework.
  • MultiMarkdown CMS is the secondary site framework, and is used for management of articles and article search. A special thank you goes to Fletcher Penney, MD, author of the MultiMarkdown CMS, who provided troubleshooting assistance during the site's build and development phases.
  • Select code from DataTables was used to create the interactive user interface for the "iOS Apps for Neuropsychologists" table.
  • Some slick CSS for tables was co-opted from Brett Terpstra.
  • The Sphider search engine powers the main site search feature. [1]
  • Font Awesome gave us great icons.
  • The whole site uses the Proxima Nova font throughout, sourced from Typekit.

All of the aforementioned components, including code and documentation, are licensed under one or more of the following:


NeuropsychNow.com is hosted on NearlyFreeSpeech.Net. The structure of NearlyFreeSpeech.Net affords us incredible flexibility with site build and maintenance. They also provide a pricing plan based on a “pay what you use” model. This allows us to host this site for literally pennies per day, which in turn lets us deliver our content, paid or free, at a lower cost to you than we would otherwise be able to. If you have, or are building, a web site, consider using NearlyFreeSpeech.Net as your hosting provider.

The source code for NeuropsychNow.com is on GitHub. GitHub allows Drs. Testa and Buddin to easily collaborate on all the things that comprise Neuropsych Now, and then quickly push them out to you. It’s really great.

We use Amazon S3 in conjunction with Amazon CloudFront as our Content Delivery Network, or CDN, for all downloads, including the streaming of large files such as images and videos. While our main hosting provider’s (Nearly Free Speech) servers are more than able to handle these media files, we/you get objectively faster page load times when the duties are split. Hence, S3.

Thanks and Support

Neuropsych Now thanks all of the developers of the aforementioned components for their hard work, without which this site would look and function very differently, and not in a good way.

One-hundred percent of the code used to construct this site is open source, meaning that it is freely available for anyone to use, modify, and re-distribute. The impetus for the open source movement was the simple idea that things would move along much more quickly if an unrestricted number of individuals were allowed to contribute to original projects. This philosophy quickly spread and has led to an incredible advancement in software development as a result. The inception and ongoing mission of Neuropsych Now is, in part, an attempt to perpetuate and extend that philosophy to the field of neuropsychology by encouraging and allowing like-minded individuals to easily draw from, and contribute to, a collective knowledge source.

Please support independent developers by donating directly to them or by purchasing their software.

Please do not download copyright-protected files via Peer-to-Peer file sharing (aka “P2P” or “Torrent”) - it is illegal unless permission has been explicitly granted by the copyright holder, and harms the creator(s) of the product(s)!

  1. © 2005–2007 Ando Saabas  ↩


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