Taylor & Francis: Most Read Articles of 2014

Written By: W. Howard Buddin Jr., Ph.D.
Published On: 02/05/2015
tags: News, Research

April 22, 2014: Perhaps you slept a little late that morning, or didn’t check your email. Maybe you just missed the window of opportunity, and didn’t snag a copy of An Examination of the Frequency of Invalid Forgetting on the Test of Memory Malingering when we linked to a limited number of free downloads.

As it turns out, the IFFI paper was one of the top three most read articles published in The Clinical Neuropsychologist in 2014, and now is your chance to get it, along with a whole host of other articles, absolutely gratis.[1] Grab the IFFI paper, along with the top three articles from each of Taylor and Francis’s journals right here (this will actually direct you to the main categories page for easy access to all of the top articles. Use this link for the Neuropsychology–specific articles).

We want to also extend a big Thank You to the authors of the other two papers from The Clinical Neuropsychologist – the top two most read of 2014, to be specific – for their insightful and thorough work. Here they are:

Is The Boston Naming Test Still Fit For Purpose?. Alexandra Harry, Simon F. Crowe.

Incremental Validity Of Neuropsychological Assessment In The Identification And Treatment Of Youth With ADHD. Alison E. Pritchard, Taylor Koriakin, Lisa A. Jacobson, E. Mark Mahone

Lastly, if you are still reading this article, then STOP and go get some free science! GO!

  1. All articles are free to access through June 30, 2015. So hurry up! Sort of.  ↩

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