The MMPI–2–RF and Pathology

Written By: W. Howard Buddin Jr., Ph.D.
Published On: 02/08/2015
tags: Research

In their just–released article, Reaffirming normal: The high risk of pathologizing healthy adults when interpreting the MMPI–2-RF, Odland, Lammy, Perle, Martin, and Grote (2015) post up an insightful and thoughtful study of potential flaws and dangers inherent in a straightforward (read: failure to consider statistical precepts as well as contextual variables) interpretation of the MMPI–2–RF. My favorite line from this paper:

“Asserting that the MMPI is somehow immune from type I error is to eschew fundamental statistical probabilities.”


Dr. Odland contacted us and extended his link to 50 free copies of their article, available here while they last. Neuropsych Now extends a massive Thank You to Odland, Lammy, Perle, Martin, and Grote for their hard work and for enabling free access to good science!

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