Article Zero: Welcome to Neuropsych Now


Welcome, and thank you for taking time to check out Neuropsych Now!

This is “article zero” - our “inaugural” article, if you will, wherein we’d like to take just a moment to introduce you to the site.

We conceived and built this site with the hope that it will flourish and mature into a go-to repository of neuropsychological knowledge and resources.

Here, in our “Articles” section, is where we publish articles for neuropsychologists, the kind of which you won’t likely find anywhere else. Some will cover clinical topics, others will involve discussions that are more focused on neuropsychologists’ work habits, including ways and means to enhance productivity (e.g., how to write reports in a more efficient manner).

Truth be told, though, we’ve been hard at work for about six months putting this all together. We have projects that we’ll be rolling out over the next few months that we can’t wait for you to see (and hear!!). In between, we will make sure to deliver new articles on a regular basis (about one new article per week to start).

If our plans and aspirations go even close to the way we’d like them to, this thing could get big.

This is very exciting to us. We hope you’re at least a little intrigued, if not excited, too. Please take time to explore the rest of the site, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any thoughts or ideas.

Thank you again, and we hope that you enjoy Neuropsych Now!

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