Finger Tapping & Performance Validity

Written By: W. Howard Buddin Jr., Ph.D. & S. Marc Testa Ph.D.
Published On: 07/01/2014

We would like to thank Dr. Bradley Axelrod for reaching out and sending us the link to a paper that was recently published in The Clinical Neuropsychologist. The article, entitled Finger Tapping Test Performance as a Measure of Performance Validity, was co-authored with John E. Meyers & Jeremy J. Davis. Dr. Axelrod, et al, investigated outcomes for each of three established Finger Tapping Test validity scores (finger tapping dominant raw, finger tapping combined raw, and estimated finger tapping difference score) when used independently and in concert.

There are a limited number of full access downloads, so please act quickly, and download a copy here.

Once again, many thanks to Dr. Axelrod and his colleagues for making their article more widely accessible!

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