Written By: S. Marc Testa, Ph.D. & W. Howard Buddin Jr., Ph.D.
Published On: 03/24/2016 is a task management app that helps with planning and organization. has a lot of excellent and effective features, even for the free version; however, the paid version offers more flexibility. allows the user to sort tasks into user-defined categories (e.g., Home, Work, Finance, etc) or by time/due date (e.g., today, tomorrow, next week). Within each task, the user has the option to move a task to a different list, set a reminder or make the task recurrent, attach a file, and share tasks with a collaborator. In addition, tasks can be favorited, which marks the task with a yellow star. While the purpose of this appears to “flag” a task, there is no way to view only the starred tasks. In fact, there is no way to filter tasks beyond viewing tasks categorized by list or time. One nice feature is that each category can be expanded or collapsed, which allows for easier viewing.

The Moments feature is an excellent way to triage tasks that are due “Today”. presents each task and allows you to change the due time to later that day (at a specific time), postpone the task for later date (tomorrow, in two days, next week, or someday), mark it complete, or delete it. While Moments is unlimited for the Premium users, it is available five times a month for Free users.

To Pay, or Not to Pay?

As mentioned, comes in one of two flavors: Free or Premium. Downloading the free version is the best way to take a look under the hood – with little more than a time commitment – to help figure out if you’re in need of more features and power. You might also not be compelled to pay for an upgrade when there is a field of respectable competitors like Larry, his brother Daryl, and his other brother Daryl. Developers, consumers…we each make our own decisions, no?


  • Cross platform
  • Nice design aesthetic
  • Shared tasks
  • Configurable for alerting and notifications
  • Location-based reminders (see weaknesses)
  • Expandable and collapsible categories
  • Tasks can be viewed by category or due date.
  • Integration with calendar


  • $26.99 payment for premium services for:
    • Customized recurring tasks
    • Location-based reminders
    • Unlimited moments
  • While lacking:
    • Siri integration
    • Flagging and/or filtering systems

Bottom Line

This is a good app for people who have difficulties with planning and organization. It is a great place to start for someone who has never used a task management app because it is easy to use and has a small set of effective features.

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