Written By: W. Howard Buddin Jr., Ph.D.
Published On: 09/27/2015

As we scramble – now and for the forseeable future – towards/within the new ICD - 10 coding system, we could probably use a little help along the way. So, here is a list of a few iOS and Android applications to help ease the transition. Please note: by “ease the transition,” what we mean is “attempt to continue to get paid.”

The idea of listing these apps within the context of an article was to make them more immediately accessible; however, you can also find them on our mobile apps page. Eventually.

P.S. If at some point – today or at some other time – you have found something on our site that saved you time or money, then we can put a checkmark in the “W” column[1], which is pretty great. If you feel like showing us some love, then please help us keep Neuropsych Now running with a super-small donation.

iOS Apps

ICD–10 HCPCS ICD–9 by drchrono Inc. seems to have lots of features. I did not try this one out, but I do know you have to register an account with Dr. Chrono to get full use (account is free).

Honestly, I could not tell the difference between the ICD 10 On the Go Medical Codes and ICD 10 Free. They’re by the same developer (VLR), have the same version number[2], and even use the same screenshots in their respective descriptions. I guess it comes down to which icon you like more. The former runs $6.99, whereas the latter has an in-app purchase of $6.99 to unlock the “premium” features. Also, there is the ICD 10 Codes Free app by SvmSoft, which looks exactly like the other two in all ways, screenshots included. It also will cost $6.99 to unlock the “premium” version. By the way, none of what I say should be considered indictments of this triumverate; these are merely observations that I make.

Android apps

Note: since there is no companion iOS app for the following few listings, and since I don’t own an Android device (or emulator, through, e.g., VirtualBox), I couldn’t say anything meaningful about them.

ICD–10 & ICD–9 Code Reference


ICD–10 Navigator

ICD–10: Codes of Diseases

iOS and Android

ICD–10 Virtual Code Book by Precyse University. Here is the iOS link, and here’s the Android link. This app will set you back $7.99. It looks solid, with a wealth of information and ease of search.

The MTBC ICD 9–10/ICD 9 to 10 converter was also built for iOS and Android devices. I tried this one out and, though app store reviews were positive, I was underwhelmed. It doesn’t allow for code lookup by category. You can enter your specialty, and the app will pre-populate a list of common codes for that specialty. This would be kind of cool, but a notable absence among the few, pre-loaded specialties was some kind of psychiatry/mental/behavioral health listing. Ultimately, the only way I could access the “F” category of codes was to type in a given diagnosis. As such, I didn’t see this as an improvement over a straight, textbook – style lookup.

ICD10Doc - Diagnosis, Procedures and Billing codes by Adam Scarlat has received a lot of positive ratings from its users. This is less an app, though, and more of a portal to a subscription-based service. Don’t let that be a dissuading factor, however, as the core service itself looks fairly robust. Check it out on iOS and Android for more information about pricing (available as monthly or yearly payments).

  1. Where the “W” stands for ‘We aren’t completely crazy. Probably’  ↩

  2. 3.0.1, for those who are into that kind of thing.  ↩

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