What is a Neuropsychologist?

Written By: S. Marc Testa, Ph.D. & W. Howard Buddin Jr., Ph.D.
Published On: 06/16/2015

We are launching an experimental sort of project for Neuropsych Now, and hope that you can help. The meta-goal is advocacy. The more focused goal is deriving better ways of telling people what it is, exactly, that we do. So, we devised a fiendishly brilliant plan that we believe will help. What we ask is that anyone and everyone interested send us your best “elevator speech” or “pitch” that you do/would use when describing to others what you/neuropsychologists do. For the uninitiated, we define “elevator speech/pitch” as:

  • A synopsis of your current or future plan(s)/employment/job title, etc. that takes no longer than 15 seconds to say.
  • It does not have to literally be stated in an elevator. The elevator part is just to convey that you have a captive audience for a super brief window of time.

There you go. No other parameters. The underlying idea is that your pitch is clear, easily understood (“5 by 5,” as they say), and could have a direct impact on your near future. Submit your pitch by using the following link:

Send my pitch

We plan on posting some (all?) of the submissions, and will do so without attributing posts to individual authors. If you would like for us to publish your name along with your pitch, then please say so in the body of your email. Submissions will be posted in two weeks, so get yours in soon!


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